“VEGETARIAN” Recipe Relay Challenge

by vwbs007published on April 26, 2019

10 minutes each. A vegetarian brief. Access to a bunch of ingredients. What else could they need? Maybe a solid definition on the meaning of vegetarian by the looks of things. Let us know how you think the guys did and rate them down in the comments below! WANT TO SUPPORT SORTED?? Here’s how to get involved…

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When people go up against nature, it usually doesn't end so well. So we thought it would be fun to watch people vs. nature and enjoy some fails. Leave a comment below and let us know which is your favorite! Have a fail of your own? Submit it to FailArmy.com!!


I like nice things, but I also like fails. Put those two together and you get this beautiful video! Leave us a comment below and if you've got any good fail videos, send them over to us at FailArmy.com!!

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